Bear Catching Lunch

One of Jim's most impressive projects is a black bear catching a trout. This masterpiece took over two years to complete and is now affixed to a Hemlock log in a Wisconsin cabin. J.J. started by laminating white pine planks in place to form a giant oval. This allowed the bear's arms to protrude from the bear's body and also cut down on the total weight. The trout was carved from butternut and its beautiful grain stands out against the pine.

Bear Catching Lunch Bear Catching Lunch

Quiver and Arrows

This ultra realistic quiver and arrows won best in class at a Wood Carvers Convention in Wisconsin. The quiver was carved out of walnut and each arrow was carved individually. One of the problems many carvers face are hidden obstructions they may run into whenever they are working on a project. This peice of walnut for example contained several rifle slugs that had to be dug out while being carved.

Quiver Quiver

Trolls Overlooking Bridge in Egg Harbor, WI

These life sized trolls create quite a stir in Egg Harbor, WI were they over look a bridge leading into a local coffee shop. Both trolls were carved from white pine and weigh roughly 650 lbs each. Before JJ starts a large project, he creates smaller clay versions to get an idea of the overall shape before he begins whittling away. Be sure to check out JJ's trolls if you're ever traveling to Door County, WI!

Trolls Over Bridge Trolls Over Bridge